“Great Game!”

Wendy B. (Come Play With E)

“ I love this game and it’s definitely made the top of my collection.”

Nicolas M. (Pheonix Social Group)

"The power cards and event cards add a whole lot of fun to this game and can cause a lot of chaos-"

Bert (Berts Games)

This is a hilariously chaotic cube placement dicey race game. It feels like you are in a roller coaster in the dark, assuming you're zooming forward but at sudden points realizing gravity is on another plane and you're actually at the back of the coaster now, or maybe off it entirely.

Ash (Queer Tabletops)

“Got this game last week and we love it!”

Cameron (New Customer)

Welcome to Portal Block: the game that’s new every time you play it.

What’s so great about Portal Block?


A dynamic game played in two parts

Replay Value

Building your own board keeps Portal Block fun and exciting every time you play it. Combined with the unique player powers and large deck of power cards, an array of strategies exist within a single game.

Duel to the Finish

Portal Block will have you jumping out of your chair, cheering, pounding the table and losing track of time as you battle to get to the final finish block. Along the way, characters duel each other, with the loser respawning to the start block.  If you think this is a simple game of Point A to Point B…you’re in for a big surprise. 

Early Prototype, 2019

Why Make Portal Block?